How do I enable plugin on my Firefox browser v26 or higher?

Browser standards are changing and we are keeping up with the technology to ensure that you can continue to print coupons safely and securely.


Verify the version of Firefox you are running.

  • Click on the Firefox menu.
  • Select About Firefox.
  • If you have version 26 or higher continue reading.
  • If you have version 25 or lower this document will not apply.

Go to


Click on the plug-in icon that appears in the address bar. You may select either option.

“ title=”


If Allow and Remember was selected, the plug-in icon continues to appear in the address bar.


Click on Continue Allowing to enable our plug-in.

“ title=”


Your selected coupons should automatically begin printing.


If Block was previously selected, the plug-in icon should still appear on the address bar, click on the icon and select Allow and Remember.


If you are unable to print coupons after making this change and you see different messaging or behavior please view additional articles under Related Searches on this page.

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