Are there restrictions on Cash Back Offers?

  • never charges the credit or debit card – we don’t ask for information like the digital verification code or the card expiration date.

  • At this time, only one registered card is allowed to be linked to your Profile/Email Address.
  • If you want to change the card you have linked, you can remove the currently registered card and add the new one.
  • The same card cannot be registered under two different email addresses. If joint account holders have the same credit or debit card number, only one email address can be registered.
  • Debit transactions on your card will not be eligible for receiving the offer. Debit transactions are transactions when you have to use your PIN at check out. If you register and use a debit card, your transaction must be processed as a “credit” transaction to make sure the transaction can be monitored and counted toward offer completion. Cash Back Offers work with any eligible Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card or debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo issued by any U.S. financial institutions only.
  • Pre-paid cards are not eligible to participate in the Cash Bach Offers program. For additional exclusions and eligibility requirements, please see the Terms of Service

NOTE: For Cash Back Offers, hover over the pod offer and click Details to see the requirement and disclaimer information about the offer.

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