Why is my coupon printing symbols/characters instead of coupon content?

If your printer device starts to print symbols and characters instead of your coupon, please try the following steps below:


Check for faulty cables and/or ports. When cabling becomes damaged or loose, the output gets affected. Communication is broken between your computer and printer. Replace your cable or use a different port.


Check for signal strength and consistency if your printer connects wirelessly. If you printer is connected to a hub, try plugging the printer directly to your computer.


Check if your printer driver software needs to be updated. Visit the printer manufacturer’s website for a downloadable driver update.


Check that you have the latest Coupon Printer to print your coupons. Uninstall and re-install with the latest Coupon Printer.


If none of the above steps resolved the issue, Removing and re-installing your printer device may resolve the issue.

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