If I send a link for the coupon via email to print later, is that print guaranteed?

Most coupons are available online for at least a week. However, some promotional coupons may only be available online for a day or as short as several hours.

Our coupons do have a shut off date and a campaign print limit, so the offer can be pulled at any time. We recommend that you print the offer as soon as possible. Sending the email to print later does not reserve a print.

If you send a link for the coupon via email to print later on the same day, the coupon offer should still be available. Once you click the link, it should take you to the website where the coupon offer pod is clipped and ready to be printed. The coupon is the first pod on the first page of the gallery.

Here is a sample email that you may receive:


Open the email and click on the provided coupon link.



Your coupon should be pre-clipped and ready to print.


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