Why should I create an account on

Here are the advantages of creating an account on

Manage your on-line account.

You have full access to your Profile to manage your Account Information.

  • Go to Your Profile.


  • Select My Profile. Here you will be able to change your account information and address and/or zipcode.


Subscription to newsletter.

You are able to see the newest coupons available online by signing up to our weekly newsletter.

  • Choose Email Settings and under Your notification options, check the box for Super Saver newsletter.
  • Check the box for the Partner newsletter if you also want to receive newsletters from our affiliates.
  • Click Save Changes to save.


If you wish to unsubscribe, click Unsubscribe link to remove you from the listing.


Set Favorite Store Alerts.

You may set Alerts when new offers from your favorite stores are available.

  • If you are not signed up for any alerts, click on Find Stores.


  • Use the search field for your favorite stores.


  • Or use the list of Related Stores


  • Click Add to Your Favorites.


Link your store Loyalty Card to add offers.

You may add Loyalty Card from your retail store to your Profile. A list of selected stores will appear.


Link your credit card to add offers for in-store and online purchases.

You may add your credit card to add offers for in-store or online purchases. Simply follow online instructions.


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