What are the best practices for using your coupons?

Here are some simple guidelines on how to verify and get the most from online coupons.

  • You should never see the actual coupon on your screen, only an offer to print it. Real coupons require proper barcodes and limit the number of prints of each coupon.

  • Print coupons only from well-known savings sites like or major websites that you trust. Look for our “Powered by” logo.

  • Avoid coupon-swapping sites and websites that post images of coupons.

  • Never pay for a coupon.

  • Don't buy coupons on auction sites.

  • Only use the coupons you have printed. Each coupon is unique and prints with a unique serialized number.

  • Be suspicious of printable coupons for a FREE product or one that seems too good to be true. It probably is!

  • Please do NOT share coupons you have printed from your computer. Please read our
    Terms of Use.

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