You can create multiple users for your Brandcaster account and set user permission levels.

To create a new user go to Account Settings > Users > Add New User. Select the Permission Level for the user. 

To edit the Permission Level for an existing user, go to Account Settings > Users and select the user you want to update. 

Permission Levels
  • Owner: The original user of the publisher account. This user has access to all areas of the account. This user’s permission level cannot be changed, and the user cannot be deleted.
  • Administrator: Administrators have access to all areas of the account and can add new usersand edit existing users.
  • Campaign Manager: Campaign Managers have limited access. Campaign Managers can access the Campaigns section of the account, and they can create new campaigns and edit existing campaigns. Campaign Managers do not have access to reports or payment information.

*Read only access of First/Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address. Edit access to update Password.