If you want your Savings Center to get attention – and make you more money –make sure your visitors can find it easily. 
To help your visitors find the webpage containing your Saving Center, it needs to be prominently linked across the key areas of your site. Some good places to set a link:

• Main Navigation bar• Top of Sidebar(s)• Homepage content 
The more places you link to your Savings Center, the more traffic you are likely to drive there. You may also want to create a catchy banner image that when clicked, sends the user over to your Savings Center.You could place this banner on your websiteês sidebar or header to attract attention.

1. Advertising Specific Coupons
Many publishers find it powerful to promote a specific coupon they feel will connect well with their audience. Here are tips for linking to and promoting specific coupons.

2. Link to a Specific Coupon
Linking to a specific coupon means that when your visitors click on the link, they're taken directly to a coupon gallery with that specific coupon pre-selected and brought to the front of the gallery. This is a powerful way to encourage your visitors to print more coupons.
3. Promote an Entire Category of Coupons

You can sort all the coupons in a given category to the front of your gallery by using the Category parameter. Append the Category parameter to the end of the URL on your website where your Savings Center resides by using the format –?catid=CategoryID”. Click here to see all Category Ids.
For example http://www.couponsinc.com/corporate/brandcaster/Savings_Center.html?catid=5491 A link formatted this way will sort all the coupons in that category to the front of your gallery and highlight the category in the left navigation. Appending the Category Id will not pre-select the coupons; it will only sort the coupons to the front of the gallery.

4. Write a Blog Post to Highlight a Popular Coupon
Many publishers have websites that feature regular posts about deals and savings tips. If your website is built this way, itês a great idea to post about a specific, popular coupon that can be found in your Brandcaster Savings Center. The blog post can be as simple as a screenshot of the coupon (more on that later) accompanied by a few lines of text about why your audience will want to print this specific coupon. Then, include a link to the coupon.
A picture tells a thousand words, or so they say. Indeed, including a picture is a powerful to promote a coupon. Easy ways to do this is to screenshot the coupon pod and then include that in your post.
To create your screenshot, go to your Savings Center and locate the coupon you want to promote. Then, using a screenshot tool on your computer, take a screenshot of the coupon pod. Next, upload this image to your blog post.
Finally, make sure to wrap the image in a link to the coupon so that when your audience clicks the image, they will get taken to that coupon. Your audience will want to click the picture, so help them out!

5. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to Increase Your Reach
If you actively use social networking services, consider posting a short blurb about a coupon and include a link to that specific coupon. Alternatively, you may want to link to your blog post about a popular coupon. In either case, social networking can be a great way to get your message out to a wider audience.

6. Create Themes for Holidays
Building on the idea of writing a blog post, you can take this further by highlighting a set of relevant coupons during a holiday season. For instance during Thanksgiving, go to your Savings Center and locate coupons that fit the holiday. Maybe youêll find a turkey coupon, a butter coupon, a pie crust coupon, a roll coupon, and a jelly coupon. Bundle links to this set of coupons into a single blog post, and donêt forget to include screenshots to grab your audienceês attention!

7. Utilize the XML Feed
This is a more advanced tip, but can be powerful if you have some technical web development knowledge or access to a developer.
The Brandcaster platform provides an XML feed of all live national coupons in the Brandcaster Savings Center. This feed is constantly being refreshed as new coupons are published. You can use this feed in many creative ways, such as: get fast updates when a new coupon is published so that you can be the first to post about it, create a scrolling widget on your homepage of popular coupons that are currently in your Savings Center, or easily create direct links to highlight specific coupons. The possibilities are endless!
To take advantage of the XML feed, use the following URL and replace "ci_cap_bid" with your Brandcaster Publisher ID . XML Feed: http://rss.coupons.com/v2/?go=13903xh2010&bid=ci_cap_bid